WinRAR is a very popular software. It is almost installed on every computer. But have you taken advantage of the benefits it brings?

Set password to protect zip file

In case you want to set a password to prevent anyone else from opening your compressed file, select Advanced / Set Passwords.



Type the password into “Enter Password”. Then, type the password again into “Reenter password for verification”. In the “Show password” section, you select it in case you want the password not to be hidden.

With “Encrypt file names”, you choose to secure the name of the compressed file. Thus, when someone accesses the compressed file without knowing the password, the name of the file will not appear, so they cannot see that you are “hiding” anything under that password layer.

Although only occupying more than 1 Mb in the hard drive, the security of WinRAR’s password is extremely high. According to the test, with software designed to crack the WinRAR password, a password of 3-5 characters can be detected within 10 hours. As for complex passwords including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and some special characters, this time can be up to several decades.

Data recovery

Another valuable feature of WinRAR is the ability to completely recover data when the file is corrupted. It is really useful in case you download many GB of data to your computer and there are unexpected problems that prevent you from using those files anymore.

WinRAR for PC

WinRAR for PC

Extract the ISO file

Besides, another very interesting function of WinRAR that many people overlook is reading and extracting ISO files. If you play games often and download ISO files regularly on the Internet, this will be a utility not to be missed. Instead of having to search and install virtual drive software such as Ultra ISO, Alcohol, etc now with WinRAR, everything seems to be much easier.

Delete the original file after extracting on WinRAR

When the file is unzipped, the original file will be left, but WinRAR has the option to automatically delete the original file after decompressing the data. Then the files are automatically deleted from the computer without you having to delete them manually.

Create a note of the compressed WinRAR file

In case you want to add some information to the recipient of the compressed file, you can use the notes tool on WinRAR. The content of the note is displayed in the interface of WinRAR when opening the compressed file. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the problem of too large file size

Split file with WinRAR

Usually, when compressing files on WinRAR, the file size has been significantly reduced, but you can still split large files into smaller files to reduce the size, easier to share.

Compress multiple files at once

Instead of compressing each file, users can activate the compression mode of multiple files at the same time to reduce operations, saving time.

All in all, above are some very useful and necessary features when we compress and decompress files on WinRAR.


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