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UC Browser was introduced by UCWeb in 2004 and has become a popular mobile browser. As UCWeb is one of the biggest mobile internet companies in China, the browser has been used by millions of people.

About UC Browser 

UC Browser can be installed and work well on different platforms that it is compatible with, including Android, iOs, BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian, Java ME, Windows Phone. But most of its users use Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Before sending the data to users, it uses data compression to reduce data consumed during the browsing process. Because it reduces the size of the webpage, the web content will be loaded faster. In addition, the Cloud Acceleration system makes the load become smoother. It also supports offline-viewing when you are disconnected to the internet. 

UC Browser is a popular mobile browser

UC Browser is a popular mobile browser

UC Browser’s features

#1: Night Mode

One of the main benefits of this night mode feature is that it helps save your battery life. When your device is running out of battery, just switch to the night mode. By doing that, your battery life will be extended. In addition, this feature saves your eyesight. If you are a night owl, make sure you switch to night mode to reduce the screen light. All you need to do is go to the MENU and click on the night option.  

#2: Mini Version

If you are using an Android device with low space, you can use the mini version of UC Browser. It needs less than 20MB space to be installed. And compared to the UC Browser, the download features of the mini version are more powerful. 

#3: Cloud Boost Technology

With this technology, data will be collected from the nearest server, so the speed of browsing will be faster. It also allows you to enable or disable this feature.

#4: Multiple Languages

As the browser has been used by people from different countries, having multiple languages is a must. In fact, it is available in almost 11 languages.

#5: Uninterrupted Downloads

Your download process still continues when you close the browser. If your Wifi is disconnected, the process will resume when it becomes stable.  

#6: U-Disk

This feature is a great support when you have low or limited storage. In case you can’t save your files on your phone, use U-Disk instead. It helps store your data and save your downloads in the cloud. 

#7: Optimized Preloading

This means when you are reading a page on the UC Browser, the next page is preloaded and ready for you. It will load up when you read until the end of the previous page. With this feature, your reading experience will be enhanced.

#8: Wifi Sharing

This feature allows you to share the downloaded files with other devices on your Wifi. 

#9: Ad Blocking

Ads are annoying when you use the internet, they also make your connection go slow. The ad blocking feature of UC Browser allows you to block the ads and have a faster browser.

In addition to those features, the UC Browser has a simple and user-friendly interface, which will provide the best experience for users.


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