Teamviewer is one of the best software for remote desktop access purposes. It is also one of the most popular software used by many users across the world be it at company level or individual level. There are many amazing features of teamviewer that make it the best software for remote desktop support, access and presentation. Be it controlling any remote computer your home or from office, be it access your friend’s desktop on your own computer for helping, be it for office use, be it providing customer support related to computers to your clients and customers by viewing their windows desktop on your own computer or be it any other purposes – Teamviewer is the true and easy solution.



Features of Teamviewer

  • Best Remote Desktop Connection Software for remote access because of its features, speed and ease of use.
  • It works via internet, both the party should be connected to internet.
  • It is a good replacement for windows remote desktop connection wizard.
  • Teamviewer is available for download for windows xp, vista, windows 7 as well as other windows os.
  • Teamviewer is also available for linux os and mac os – So it is available for all os, all major platforms making the most sustainable choice for remote access purposes.
  • Teamviewer is also available for download for mobile smartphone os like Android os and iOS (iPhone and iPad) – So this great utility for remote desktop connection comes for mobile phones also. An easy way to control your computer via mobile phones.
  • It is available for free for non-commercial usage.
  • Use teamviewer for remote desktop connection, desktop sharing, providing remote support and help to friends, family or colleague.
  • It facilitates remote server administration. It even allows reboot and reconnect.
  • Remote presentation of products, services, solutions. Sharing of live videos, demos over the internet easily.
  • It works behind firewalls. It automatically finds the route to connect to the partner.
  • File Transfer between two computers easily – It can be used to copy to-fro from a remote partner.
  • Highly secured connection setup – It is highly secured way of connecting to your partner as the connection uses ompletely secure data channels with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding.
  • Faster Speed, Optimized Session based on internet connection speed as Team viewer automatically adjusts the quality of remote desktop images and other views in accordance with the internet connection speed.
  • Portability i.e. Browser based access via Teamviewer web interface i.e. its html and flash based website via which remote computer can be controlled also.
  • Control any pc anywhere.
  • Teamviewer is small in file size so easily downloadable. Just install teamviewer on both computers. Launch it, use the id and password to connect to remote partner.
  • QuickSupport application which is a part of teamviewer can be installed on remote partner/computer for connecting to it if the remote computer has not to connect to the main computer.
  • Audio and Text chat support while the teamviewer session is live.
  • Other applications of teamviewer include quickjoin, host, manager.
  • Multiple languages support as it is available in more than 30 languages.
  • More user friendly design and interface making it easier to operate and understand.
  • It automatically tries to reconnect due to session failure, reboot or connection failure.
teamviewer download

teamviewer download

There are several other features that make teamviewer one of the best software for connecting to remote computers.

Teamviewer Free Download:



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