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Play store formerly known as Android Market is a digital distribution platform of applications for Android operating system and digital media store, operated by Google. In this article we will help you to understand more about this app.

Some general information about the play store

With the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic in early 2020 and the closure of a number of national borders along with mobilizing people to stay home to limit the road. This has led users to discover new ways to exploit their mobile phones thanks to applications such as shopping, financial management, healthcare, etc…

Revenue from Apple App Store and Google Play Store increased sharply in Q1 / 2020. User spending on apps has set a new record, where they spend more than $ 23.4 billion through these app markets. Of this, Apple App Store accounted for $ 15 billion and Google Play Store accounted for $ 8.3 billion. This figure has increased by 5% over the same period last year. With more time at home, users worldwide spend more time on games and mobile apps more often. Increase by 20% in the first quarter of 2020.

The first interface when you open the application Play Store

The first interface when you open the application Play Store

What contributed to such impressive numbers?

The Play store is called a must-have app for any Android phone or tablet using the Android operating system. So regardless of whether you want to download entertainment applications like facebook, messenger, zalo, games or any other applications for your work such as excel, word, … Or applications to help women become  more confident and beautiful on social networks like Meitu, Camera 360, Food, … Until banking applications, flight tickets, motorbike taxis, hotels, … The US, Japan and South Korea are the pillars of consumer spending of the Google Play Store. Android users spend the most on gaming, social and entertainment apps, especially thanks to Disney + and Twitch.

Highlights of the Play Store App

The Google Play Store is an Android operating system application market that allows users to search and download applications and games to their mobile devices, under the management of Google. So right when you buy a Android phone or tablet, the Play Store app has been installed by default in your device like many other Google default apps. When you open this application you will see a lot of suggestions for applications to install for your phone. Why do you see these apps? Because these are the apps with the most users in the world with millions of downloads every day. The proposed applications for your phone are divided into many different categories for you to easily choose. Note that depending on the market in different regions, Google Play Store will have different displays. Faster than that, if you already have the application name to download to your device, you just need to type the application name in the search box. The Play Store app’s market system will show you apps with the similar name you’re looking for. The order in which apps are displayed from top to bottom depends on the accuracy of the keyword and the number of stars rated by the user with that app.

Tap 'Trending' is a gathering place for the games or applications that are most interested in the community (different in each market).

Tap ‘Trending’ is a gathering place for the games or applications that are most interested in the community (different in each market).

Above is the brief information to help you better visualize and understand better about the Play Store app market under the management of Google. Hope the article is helpful with the information you are looking for.


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