Minecraft is a game built in an Open World, with unlimited creative gameplay, this game has been attracting millions of players around the world with the passion to discover and experience great things from these magic blocks.

The origin of Minecraft

Minecraft is an independent video game in an open world. It was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and then developed and released by Mojang. Thanks to the ability to create and build Minecraft allows players to build works by building structural blocks in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching, gathering resources, crafting, and fighting.

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Modes included in Minecraft:

The world in the game is made for players mostly 3D cubes that are in the grid and represent different materials, such as soil, rock, ores, lava, water, wood,… Players can move freely around the world, blocks can only be placed in a fixed position. Players can collect physical blocks and place them elsewhere to build different structures.

At the beginning of the game, players are created on the surface of a wild and virtually limitless world. The world is divided into many different biomes, from deserts to forests to snowy lands. Players can go on the terrain of plains, mountains, forests, caves, ravines, swamps and different waters.

Time in the game is systematically according to a day and night cycle, with a full cycle lasting 20 minutes in real-time.

During the game, players will encounter many creatures called “mobs” including mushrooms, animals, villagers and monsters. Animals such as cows, red mushrooms, brown mushrooms, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, polar bears, rabbits, dolphins, turtles, squid, Ravager can be hunted to eat or make items and objects. Whether it was born during the day or by the egg spawn in creative mode.

In contrast, monsters like spiders, skeletons and zombies are born at night or in dark places like caves, ravines.

There are many different game modes available

Survival mode: Players must find resources to build the world and maintain health

Creative mode: where players get unlimited resources to build and be able to fly

Adventure mode: where players play maps created by others and spectator mode, where players can fly over blocks, but cannot interact with blocks.

Super hard mode: is the 4th mode, giving players the experience like Survival (survival) but in real life, you only have 1 life only. In this mode the food bar runs out faster.  If he dies, he will not be able to regain the previous world.

Multiplayer mode: allows players to connect to other servers to build buildings in a single world.

Peace mode: a mode that allows players not to eat in Minecraft because the food bar does not decrease, in addition this mode also eliminates hostile monsters and even Wither Boss. Do not eliminate hostile mobs like Shulker or Ender Dragon but they will not attack.

Minecraft is arguably the best selling super game today with 180 million copies.  Minecraft is sold on CH play for Android operating system, App Store for iOS and Microsoft Store for Windows. Try downloading Minecraft to experience the most interesting things with magic squares.


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