GTA 5 is an interesting game that many young people love. But this game contains many secrets that not everyone knows including professional gamers. The following GTA 5 sharing information can help you uncover some secrets you didn’t know.

The flower girl is also a human

Since its inception until now, this game has released many versions with various new improvements. However, no matter which session you are, the player will not stop wondering when Rockstar introduces the flower girl girl game. Many people believe that Rockstar wants to put this character in to teach men to treat these girls nicely. Besides, in the GTA 5 version, the girls are more diverse and more new than the previous versions. Rockstar wants to remind all men that no matter what these girls are, they are a person in society.

Girl selling flowers with many new details

Girl selling flowers with many new details

Everyone’s sleep is different

This is also a mystery in GTA 5 that not everyone can know. Based on the new storyline, 3 different characters are built so their work and lifestyle will be different. We can see this is a small detail but enough to see the special in GTA 5, a version with many interesting things.

Lamar is a main character in GTA 5

In previous battles no matter what he did, Franklin would still live but up to GTA 5, while learning discovered that this version had a new ending, not according to that arrangement. Franklin will eventually die and the player instead will control that protagonist, Lamar. A mystery in this version that not everyone can know.

The protagonist of GTA

The protagonist of GTA

Michael always fell back when talking

This feature can only be detected when you pay attention to each character’s actions. In GTA’s cutscenes, Michael always has the habit of leaning to the right if someone talks to him. Many will also wonder why this character has such a habit. Indeed, because the person who plays Michael is deaf in one ear, he must be able to hear clearly when speaking.

The Legend of the Goat appeared

Goats are considered to be one of the legends that have appeared in real life for a long time. However, many people will think of it as a rumor. According to many people’s thinking, this is a very scary monster. It takes the form of a human but also has the shape of a goat with a hairy body and has 2 horns on its head similar to the goat horns.

These goats appear so scary that everyone wants to stay away, they kill people, especially the children with ax that look very disgusting. And it was in GTA 5 that some people said they saw a goat nearby and also had real photos of that to prove they saw it.

Goat monster that many people fear

Goat monster that many people fear

On it are some mysteries about GTA 5 that you may not know. Hopefully through this you can have more knowledge for yourself about this game.


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