Bluestacks is one of the best free Android emulator software on PC nowadays. With new Bluestacks 4 64-bit beta version, users can play games comfortablely without facing problems about interface. The application is now integrated with so many amazing features so if you are searching for a great emulator software to play games on your computer, let’s consider Bluestacks. 

Amazing features of Bluestacks

Bluestacks contains a lot of awesome features. First of all, it is built for gamers. Bluestacks enables you to make keyboard maps to play games with your setup for the keyboard. As a result, now you can create custom tap spots, use mouse to shoot and map keys on each game basis. Now, controlling your game character is no longer a hard thing to do, proving this is a big benefit that you can receive from Bluestacks. Then, you can become the best player in your fame without facing any troubles. Some shooting games like PUBG is very suitable for this kind of application. You can enjoy more interesting experience thanks to this special feature of Bluestacks.  

Second, Bluestacks has super fast performance. According to the designers, this latest version is 8 times faster than that in Bluestacks 3. In addition, it is more powerful and has lighter weight which means you do not have to be on such a superpowered computer to play your favorite games. 

Next, Bluestacks allows you to play multiple mobile games at the same time. You can open as many apps as you want and switch between them easily. Even if you have numerous gaming accounts, you can play all of them at once while using Bluestacks.  

Another amazing feature of Bluestacks is the ability to translate language instantly so users can easily play mobile games in their native language. There will be no tiring wait thanks to the quick translation. Thus, everyone can join the game despite coming from different countries. 

Last but not least, Bluestacks is created with FPS (high frames per second) including smooth in-game transitions and immediate reaction in heavy combat. Therefore, users can have seamless gaming experience together. 

Bluestacks enables you to make keyboard maps to play games with your setup for the keyboard/ Ph:

Bluestacks enables you to make keyboard maps to play games with your setup for the keyboard/ Ph:

How to run Bluestacks on your PC?

Again, it is not difficult to run Bluestacks on your computer. This is one of the best Android emulators in the world so first of all, you just need to type its name on Google to find the right Android app player. Then, downloading it for Mac or Windows machines. Go to the settings and turn on the Virtualization.  

When you install Bluestacks successfully, use your Google account to log in. follow the instructions given in the app. The controls will pop up and allow you to use all the utilities. 

All in all, Bluestacks is such a great emulator for you to install on your desktop. It is super fast and completely safe to use. Therefore, if you are a fan of shooting mobile games, why don’t you give Bluestacks a try? I bet you will be impressed by what it can bring you. 


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  1. Anoynomous says:

    Does bluestacks work on Chromebook, if so it isn’t letting me

    • priceless-cannon says:

      Does your Chromebook run on Android platform? If it already runs on the Android platform, what do you need to do Bluestack?

      • sdb says:

        dear sir on chromebook the apks doesnot open unless the develepormode that may cause void of warranty of device and data erase….

  2. Alexis says:

    Resulta muy interesante este tipo de extensión y sería de mucha ayuda pero, habrá algún video que muestre como funciona esta extensión para Chrome, su rendimiento y las cosas que se podrían hacer y el como hacerlas también?, si no es mucho pedir claro.

  3. satish kumar says:

    excellent invention

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